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Gina Whalen


interior designer // owner

Gina Whalen

Design has become a tangible asset and is a direct reflection on you: it epitomizes your personality or it should. If you can’t feel comfortable in your house and everything around you, then it’s not fun to be there. Design to me is all about memories. It’s about creating memories in your space and having memories around you. This is what makes us happy and helps us feel good.

My Love of
Interior Design

My love of interior design stretches so far back into my childhood that I can’t even pinpoint when it started, but there are definitely moments that inspired me. When I was young, my parents bought and decorated several restaurants. Early on this exposed me to the thought that went into designing a space, specifically, furniture layout, fabric selection, colors and lighting.
Prior to starting out on my own, I worked directly with a designer on a multi- million dollar projects for nearly 5 years, but I was hooked on day one because I saw the extent of what was possible. Sometimes I think perhaps what influenced me goes back even further, and that my Italian and French roots somehow played a role in making me the creative person I am today. Whether it is my own home, magazines, websites, traveling, times I’m out with my kids, hotels or restaurants, I am constantly taking in what’s around me and using it for inspiration. Basically everywhere and anywhere I go, I find something to absorb, meditate on and incorporate into my design projects. Everyday I feel like an artist creating spaces for the benefit of others.